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Webster’s definition of anger is: “A strong feeling of displeasure, and usually hostility, aroused by a sense of injury or insult. To excite to anger; to enrage”. It is a natural emotional state experienced by everyone, but it’s impossible to precisely define. Anger appears in varying degrees of intensity, from the mild annoyance or aggravation to the most violent rage.

Anger begins early, in infancy and continues into the latter years. It can be destructive, especially when it persists in forms of aggression or revenge. However, it can be constructive if it motivates us to think creatively or correct injustices.

 It's natural for every human being to have the God-given emotion of anger at one time or another. It cannot and should not be prevented or eliminated. It is not wrong to get angry. It’s how we handle the anger that creates reactions.


Withdrawal is one approach to anger that can take on unhealthy forms like:


  • Leaving the room, taking a vacation, or otherwise removing yourself from the situation—all of which can be used in a positive manner, if used properly.


  •  Avoiding the problem by plunging into work, or engaging in other  activities, or escaping into a world of television or novels.

  • Hiding from the problem through alcohol or drug abuse, or other behavior to get back at the person who makes us angry.



I am a National Certified Anger Management Specialist registered with NAMA Association with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Counseling.

How I Can

Help You

As author of the book entitled “Anger Let It Go” I get the opportunity to help people face their anger issues and experience a better quality of life with peace and harmony. Unfortunately anger is a skill most people lack.

"No one can make you Angry, you make the decision to get angry. You are responsible and accountable for your Anger”


Pink Patty, is a character from my book. She had a very bad case of low self-esteem but had a lot of trials and circumstances that led her to becoming angry, depressed, feeling like a failure, being bullied, and other emotions she could not control.


Learning to defuse and control her anger helped her to find peace and conquer her low self-esteem.


Pink Patty travels and talks to young people about their anger.