Our new Anger Management Services offer groups, evaluation, seminars, classes, and individual sessions to meet

the needs of people. Many people are personally struggling with out-of-control anger that results in aggression or harmful behavior and communication,


The Anger Management Institute program provides an evidence-based approach to training individuals in effect methods of managing anger.


The Anger Management resources are based on the What's Good About Anger?


We are also designated as a Certified Anger Management Specialist-1 with NAMA.


We provide letters of enrollment and certificates of completion for the individuals required to attend the groups or sessions.


Our goal is to demonstrate that anger is a force that can be put to use for good when people apply healthy strategies, changing self-talk and thinking. Helping individuals work through areas in their lives such as: low-self esteem, grief, depressions, hurt, abuse, stress bullying etc.


Learning to control and defuse anger in a positive way results in a life filled with joy and peace.

Are you looking for anger management services for an employee in your organization?

Are you seeking help for a person who has been court ordered to take anger management training?


Do you have some employees who need to improve the way they handle anger, stress and conflict at work?